It seems like new edtech tools are developed each day, and while many of them serve practical purposes without too much fanfare, there are some edtech tools that sound super exciting.

When a tool excites teachers and students, the ingredients are all there for increased learning engagement–and we all know how challenging it can sometimes be to keep students engaged in and take ownership of their own learning.

If you want language immersion or new resources for visually impaired students, or if you’re searching for AI and VR tools to thrill students, keep reading–this list of edtech tools has something for everyone.

1. ReadyAI’s AI-in-a-Box is an AI learning toolkit designed for users with different experience levels and abilities. Inside each box is curriculum, hardware, and software to get started. The curriculum in AI-in-a-Box teaches six key concepts of AI, including visual recognition, facial recognition, object manipulation, landmark-based navigation, speech generation, and speech recognition. One AI box can be used by up to 15 students at a single time.

The technology and toolkit are in use in schools and community centers across the country. “Over the past six months, ReadyAI has given the children at Western Pennsylvania Boys and Girls Club the opportunity to learn and understand the technologies that they experience in their everyday lives,” says Christine Nguyen, director of the STEM Boys and Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania. “Exposing them to these incredible programming and creative experiences today will encourage them to become the scientists that create tomorrow.” ReadyAI also is offering an AI summer camp to help students of all ages become more familiar with the technology.

Laura Ascione
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Laura Ascione

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