A young girl looks worried as she looks online and uses social media in school.

Avoiding the pitfalls of social media in school

Using social media in school can be very engaging, but it also has its drawbacks—educators should proceed with care

The drawbacks of social media are well-documented—like anonymous trolls posting negative comments just to spark controversy—and social media in school is no different.

However, says Jamie Knowles, Senior Manager of Educator Professional Learning Programs at Common Sense Media, social media also has the ability to help users share their stories and shed a positive light on their activities.

In his presentation, “Educators and Social Media: Avoiding the Pitfalls,” Knowles discusses some challenges of using social media in school–but also discusses the positive ways schools are using it to educate and communicate with their families.

Strategies and considerations for social media in school

In addition to negative commentary, Knowles acknowledges other challenges to adopting social media in school and for education.

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