New and creative uses of artificial intelligence are being developed every day. The potential of AI in education cannot be overstated. In edtech, the use of AI has flown largely under the radar thus far, but it has the potential to reimagine the student-teacher relationship and improve student outcomes across the board.

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Insights and predictions for the future of AI in education and in edtech from industry experts agree on several overarching trends. Technology, led by an interest in AI-based solutions, will produce a completely new educational system, and these are some of the trends I see impacting the work that is being done in the industry.

1. AI will lead to even better personalization.

The primary trend is personalization and it’s easy to see why. Not all students learn the same, and hence they shouldn’t all be taught the same. For a very long time, the education system has followed the one-size-fits all approach to student learning. However, the truth is that every student is unique. The future will see AI systems customize the learning experience for students based on their strengths and weaknesses.

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Bill Salak is the chief technology officer of Brainly.