There are several different curriculums available to teachers who are working with students who have pragmatic language disorders, but up until recently I hadn’t really found one that was flexible and personalized for my students. Working with autistic and mildly intellectually impaired students (“eligibilities”), I’m always on the lookout for educational resources that incorporate different learning resources and functionalities.

Unfortunately, I usually come up short. That’s because most of the available curriculum is too structured and stringent. I’ve worked with a number of different psychologists and school counselors who like to stick to the books, which are extremely linear in nature. Instead, I really like to be able to pick and choose the skills that I think a specific student (or, a group of students) needs at a certain time in the school year, versus simply following a curriculum page by page.

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When I learned about Everyday Speech’s Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum, I was instantly interested. Incorporating video modeling—an evidence-based strategy using video recordings to model a desired skill—the platform teaches social competencies that help students adjust to school, cope with the ever-changing social environment, navigate their emotions, and make informed social decisions to solve problems.

About the Author:

Kaylee Dunnigan, MS, CCC-SLP is a Speech Language Pathologist at Eisenhower Center for Innovation (ECFI) in Mesa Public Schools in Arizona.

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