We live in a time where we need to educate ourselves and our families on unfortunate events. It’s important to empower your loved ones to take action in active shooter situations, even amidst pangs of fear.

This information is designed to highlight important conceptual aspects of readiness training. The conditions that would necessitate the initiation of an emergency action plan are unpredictable and dynamic.

To determine the best course of action a variety of circumstances and factors must be considered on an individual basis. The principles of evacuation, barricade and protection are paramount to minimizing casualties. The purpose is to preconceive potential options to help determine how you could respond to danger.

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The motivations, weapons, locations, and response to a hostile event are unpredictable. Whether you are dealing with a situation involving an active shooter in a school, a disgruntled employee, a person with criminal intentions, someone in mental health crisis, or other events, there are things that can be done that mitigate violence and potentially reduce or eliminate casualties.

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