A young student may not have a technology addiction--it may be helping in school.

Could technology addiction help students in school?

Familiarity with and use of technology may not necessarily harm students—in fact, it could have benefits

Instead of a game of dodgeball, kids are playing Fortnite, and instead of assembling building-block castles, they’ve swapped to Minecraft and so forth. Digitalization is on its sharpest incline yet, and it has thrown the “old ways” out the window.

But is it only children’s playtime that has been altered by technology?

In August 2019, eager to discover the impact that technology is having on our youngest generation – dubbed “Generation Alpha” – Domain.ME commissioned a study on children’s technology use. The results, although to a certain degree expected, did not fail to surprise.
How’s technology influencing our children?

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Children of Gen Alpha are growing up with an array of possibilities that preceding generations did not have a chance to enjoy. From voice assistants, which they are already mastering around the time they learn to speak, to various applications that prompt cognitive development, this generation is under the magnifying glass. And the biggest question on everyone’s mind is: How is technology influencing our children?

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