Sometimes, teaching is more like bombardment: Grading hundreds of essays, placating disgruntled parents, accommodating learning needs, sweating out the principals’ nerve-wracking classroom observation. And then there are the stressors of life beyond the classroom.

Being a teacher can be tough. It is rewarding but also overwhelming and, at times, can take a personal and professional toll.

But that doesn’t have to be, explained educator Justin Ashley in the edWebinar “Catching Happiness: How to Work Through Burnout and Be a Joy-Filled Teacher.” Ashley shared ways to counteract teacher burnout to build socio-emotional health and increase happiness.

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Ashley was a teacher burnout victim. His fallout was severe: He became addicted to prescription drugs, wasn’t spending time with his family, didn’t sleep enough, and finally landed in rehab, his life having come undone. His is a cautionary tale for teachers. How do they walk the fine line between professional and personal well-being?

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