Learning has, for most of the country, shifted online as the country struggles to address the growing coronavirus pandemic. But before this major shift, a report took a look at the state of teaching as it pertains to curriculum and planning, social media use, funding, and future plans.

The survey comes from the Institute for Arts Integration and STEAM (IAS), an online resource supporting teachers and others using arts integration and STEAM education through professional development.

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About 37 percent of surveyed educators are arts teachers, followed closely by general classroom teachers at 29 percent, and 14 percent identify themselves as STEM teachers.

The state of teaching

1. Teachers are overwhelmed. Ninety-one percent say they take work home, and 91 percent of teachers also say they pay for additional resources or professional development out of their own pockets. Teachers lack the time and resources required to meet their responsibilities. They also feel undervalued.

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