Distance learning is a way of life for more than 56 million kids in the U.S. right now. With the ongoing concern, it looks like this will be the new norm for the rest of the school year in a lot of places around the US.

This is a huge change, not just for students, but also for their families, the community, and more than 3 million educators. All of this change can bring stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

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However, it doesn’t have to define who we are as a society. I’ve curated and created 6 simple steps to help you create a sense of calm and certainty in distance learning, and in these uncertain times, while making learning fun again for you and your families.

1. Be present and available​: Distance learning is a whole new concept for everyone. One way to help is to make yourself available to the kids and parents. This doesn’t mean you’re at their beck and call.

About the Author:

Passions ignite a fire deep within you that leads you to your purpose. Jill is a firm believer that we should be leading people to find their passions and this starts with our youth. Jill is a passionate educator always looking for better ways to reach her students, their families, and the community. Currently, she is a technology specialist who works with kids in grades K-4. However, she has worked in every type of school at every grade level. She loves sharing positivity with as many people as she can and believes that together, we are better.