In the wake of COVID-19, the shift to distanced teaching and learning has been hard for many educators and students alike. This is, after all, new and unprecedented times for all involved.

So how can coaches and instructional leaders support teachers as they navigate this new way of teaching during extraordinary circumstances? The same way they always have: through high-quality professional development.

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Now, arguably more than ever, professional development is imperative to support the success of virtual teachers. It is important for coaches to reflect on both where teachers want and need help. This could range from providing tactical to philosophical advice to simply being a sounding board for teachers as they acknowledge their emotions during this time.

About the Author:

Adam Geller is the author of Evidence of Practice and the founder of Edthena, a video-powered professional learning platform for analyzing video evidence with timestamped comments and streamlining video content management. Adam began his education career as a science teacher in St. Louis, Mo.

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