If circumstances call for social distancing (think COVID-19!), distance learning comes into play. It has its benefits, wearing PJs among them.

It also has its challenges: lots of screen and seat time; virtual tools that might not fully engage learners; and programs that may not be a good fit with the curriculum. In short, they don’t always measure up to the “real thing” that is school.

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But, vetted virtual programs can match the depth and impact of in-school learning experiences. The edWebinar “Distance Learning: How to Support STEM and Physical Activity at Home,” models this alignment showcasing web-based programs and apps that offer stay-at-home learners with opportunities to strengthen STEM skills, remain physically active, and manage screen time.

The mix: STEM and movement

Kristin Harrington, edtech coach for Flagler County School District in Palm Coast, FL, knows what it’s like to shift from a live, on-site classroom, where she and her learners are always moving and interacting with each, other to sitting in front of a screen teaching students from afar.

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