More than 70 percent of schools are considering starting an esports program, citing an opportunity to improve the campus experience for students and foster STEM learning, according to a survey from Extreme Networks and eCampus News.

The report, which surveyed 281 technical and administrative leaders across K-12 and higher education, found that 1 in 5 schools already have an esports program, and 71 percent are considering or might consider adding a program in the future.

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Only 9 percent of schools cited lack of student interest as a reason for not having a program. In fact, as interest grows, so, too, do resources and esports leagues for students. Play VS operates at both the high school and college levels and offers a platform that helps schools build esports teams and manage schedules and stats in real-time. The High School Esports League aims to make esports available to every high school student as a legitimate varsity sport, targeting both academic success and future career success.

The results underscore the momentum of the esports market and indicate that schools are embracing these programs to boost student recruitment and retention, better prepare students for the job market, and blend on-campus and online experiences.

Laura Ascione
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