With only a few weeks before schools are scheduled to reopen, there is still uncertainty about what this school year will look like.

Many parents are feeling the stress of making the best decisions for their child, while also preparing them to return to school after the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19. There is still much to be determined, but parents can begin working with their children now to get them ready for the upcoming year, regardless of whether they will return to the classroom or continue to learn at home.

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Here are six things you can do to get a leg up on a back-to-school season like never before.

1. Be flexible. If we have learned anything over the last few months, it’s that things can change very quickly. School districts have been working through the summer to develop multiple plans to accommodate many permutations of possible situations, including a full reopening of schools, modified and blended remote-onsite schedules, and fully remote learning. As COVID cases rise or fall in your area, be prepared for schools to adjust the plan to prevent the spread.

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Trenton Goble serves as the VP of K-12 Strategy for Canvas. The Canvas Learning Management Platform has connected millions of instructors and learners at more than 5,000 educational institutions and corporations throughout the world. Goble is a former school principal and author of the book ‘Reclaiming the Classroom: How America’s Teachers Lost Control of Education and How They Can Get It Back.’

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