As schools across the country both open and close their doors, administrators are furiously working to keep students, parents, and educators in the loop and armed with information about the latest COVID-19 protocols. This, in addition to normal workloads and prepping for potential transitions to e-learning at the drop of the hat, is a monumental task in terms of effort. School leaders can use tech to support stakeholders to keep them up-to-date in their current learning environments.

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School administrators are looking for technology solutions to help field questions from students and families. It’s likely that many incoming questions will be repetitive to what information is already out there from the school. Tech solutions can scale the school’s ability to provide answers in a timely manner and disseminate information quickly.

Here are three ways educators can use tech to support stakeholders and help with COVID-19 information-sharing.

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David Karandish is the CEO of Capacity.