Top 10 of 2014, No. 7: Flipped learning and blended learning

eSchool News highlights some of the 10 most significant ed-tech developments of 2014, and flipped learning and blended learning are No. 7

blended-flippedEach year, the eSchool News editors compile 10 of the most influential ed-tech developments and examine how those topics dominated K-12 ed -ech conversations. No. 7 on our list for 2014 is flipped learning and blended learning.

Flipped learning—where students watch lectures at home or after school hours and engage in hands-on more constructive tasks during the school day—and blended learning—which mixes online and face-to-face instruction—have certainly moved beyond buzzwords this year.

These two instructional models differ widely, but both frequently make use of students’ personal technology—from smartphones to laptops—and can help a variety of students with different learning preferences.

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Laura Ascione

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