The Hall Show: Interactive classrooms

Projectors can add great value to classroom instruction.
Projectors can add great value to classroom instruction.

Live ISTE Blog – Raise your hand if you know Hall Davidson? Those of you who raised your hand are in the majority (and you’ve probably freaked out everyone sitting near you because they have no clue why you’ve just raised your hand). Hall is well known in educational technology circles. From his work at KOCE to his involvement with the California Student Media Festival to his role as the director of the Discovery Educator Network, Hall is a familiar figure at ed-tech conferences for his entertaining, energetic, and enthusiastic keynotes and spotlight sessions.

People who came to the 8:30 corporate spotlight session expecting to see the “Hall Show” were not disappointed. The session, Interactive Whiteboard Technology: Exploring the Next Generation, witnessed Hall in top form talking about the Epson BrightLink interactive projector (a high-quality ultra-short throw projector with the interactivity built in). Hall showcased the product and discussed the philosophy behind an interactive projector that is not in a closed ecosystem. To say that the audience loved it would be an understatement. The fact that Hall was joined by Karen Green, program specialist of technology and media services in Fullerton School District, and me, was like frosting on a cake… It was good to have, but probably not the main focus.

The Four Seasons Ballroom was packed, and Hall used the BrightLink with Prezi, PowerPoint, Google SketchUp, and a slew of other interactive web sites. I think the best part was when Hall had “volunteers” come up and do a few tricks with the projector… Is it still volunteering when Hall points to you and tells you to come on up?

Karen and I were there to add our real world experiences with the BrightLink. Fullerton was the first school district in all of North America to have a BrightLink installed, and we’ve definitely gained attention as early adopters. It’s been a great tool for us in the classroom, and we were more than happy to share our thoughts. For more info, visit the Epson booth or go here.

Hall described the BrightLink as a “game changer.” Whatever you call it… Just be sure to let the students interact with it, and you’ll see how easily we can transform teaching and learning.

Ted Lai is the director of Technology and Media Services in California’s Fullerton School District.

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