University dean accidentally hits the ‘reply all’ button

Justice apologized for sending a private eMail to the entire graduate student body.

Higher-education faculty and administrators got another lesson in the pitfalls of electronic communication and viral eMail messages last week when a University of Missouri dean mistakenly sent a message that referred to a student as suffering from “mental distress” to the campus’s 6,000 graduate students.

Graduate School Dean George Justice responded to an eMail message Oct. 13 about a Missouri student who had decided to withdraw from a graduate program, and instead of sending the message only to Chancellor Brady Deaton, Justice used the “reply all” function and sent it to every Missouri graduate student.

The student, who had withdrawn from the university, originally addressed her message to the graduate student body. No students received her message, however, because she wasn’t authorized to send a message to the entire list, Justice said in a follow-up explanation for the accidental “reply all.”

The eMail included the former student’s name and eMail address.

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Denny Carter

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