Opinion: Despite what Romney says, fewer cops, firemen, and teachers would be bad for America

Mitt Romney, contender for the office of President of the United States, seems determined to prove repeatedly that he cares about as much for American citizens as he does for foot fungus, says Andrew Riggio for Yahoo! News. His recent comments about America needing fewer cops, firefighters and teachers just reinforce his stance that the average American is worthless — just look at what Romney says in this FOX News video. Saying we need fewer cops is saying Americans deserve less protection from criminals. It’s not like the crime rate in the United States as dropped to zero. It’s not like people stopped selling drugs, robbing people, or committing murder. All you need to do is watch any television news broadcast to know crime is a problem. Saying we need fewer firefighters is saying it’s just fine for Americans to burn to death. It’s saying we don’t need people to fight raging wildfires. It’s saying we don’t need as many rescue professionals. Who does Romney think is going to stop thousands of acres of Colorado from going up in flames — schoolchildren with water pistols?

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