Former teacher: Unions are bad for teachers

During my years as a teacher, I witnessed more harm than good as a result of the stranglehold my union had on the district where I worked. This is why I became a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisc.). Most of my former colleagues cringe at the mention of Walker’s name, but I admire him for taking a stand against public sector unions, says Kristie Farnham for Yahoo! News. First of all, unions protect incompetent teachers. Under the protection of a union, it is nearly impossible for teachers to be fired simply because they aren’t very good at doing what they’re paid to do. I’ve also seen ineffective teachers keep their jobs while highly effective teachers with less seniority have been laid off. Under union guidelines, if cuts need to be made, it isn’t the lowest performing teachers who lose their positions; instead, it’s the ones with the least amount of seniority…

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