Top ed-tech news: November/December 2012

Here are some of the top educational technology stories in the November/December issue of eSchool News.

The nation’s top education chief wants textbooks to go all-digital within the next five years … a Georgia elementary-school teacher has made about $1 million selling her lesson plans online … more college applicants are getting tripped up by social media: These are among the top educational technology stories in the November/December issue of eSchool News.

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You can browse the full publication here, or click on any of the headlines below to read these highlights:

Duncan: Make textbooks ‘obsolete’

Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called for the nation to move as fast as possible away from printed textbooks and toward digital ones. “Over the next few years, textbooks should be obsolete,” he declared…

Readers: Digital textbook implementation just a dream

According to readers, though digital textbooks sound good in theory, not all students would have access to these materials from home as well as school. Also, many schools just don’t have the funding, or infrastructure, needed to support these efforts…

More college applicants tripped up by social media

College applicants shouldn’t shut down their various social media accounts, experts said, but they should heavily edit their online comments, photos, and videos, as thousands of applications were marred last year by scandalous Facebook and Twitter activity…

‘Science Guy’: Creationism threatens U.S. innovation

The man known to a generation of Americans as “The Science Guy” is condemning efforts by some Christian groups to cast doubts on evolution—as well as lawmakers who want to bring the Bible into science instruction…

Wireless experts: Time to move beyond the device

Schools should focus instead on policy, infrastructure, and content, panelists at a recent conference urged…

Teachers make money selling materials online

Kristine Nannini spent her summer creating wall charts and student data sheets for her fifth grade class—and making $24,000 online by selling those same materials to other teachers…

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