5. The hiring process is disconnected from performance management.

50 percent of the principals in the study were hired within one month of the start of the next school year, according to the report.

Only 41 percent of the school leaders surveyed believe their systems have invested appropriately to identify and attract “very talented” candidates to apply for principal slots. And when it comes time to hire, only 32 percent feel the process effectively selects the most talented candidate from those who do apply.

Launching a new strategy

To better help school systems create a sustainable talent pipeline, the report describes what a successful, phased effort might look like:

Phase 1: Define leadership criteria

Phase 2: Develop leadership pathways

Phase 3: Organize leadership development.

For more detailed information on these efforts, research on why school leadership is critical to success, as well as school system case studies, read the report.

Meris Stansbury

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