4 must-have iPad apps for librarians

These four free apps are very useful for librarians and will make a great addition to school library resources

librarians-innovative-appsEducational technology integration has become more and more prevalent in classrooms, from English classes to science labs–but what about the library? Switching from traditional textbooks to eBooks on a tablet isn’t the only option. In fact, there are countless apps that make great resources for librarians and students in the library.

And with more students bringing their own devices to school and with an increased number of school one-to-one initiatives or school-owned sets of mobile devices, apps are even more relevant to learning.

The following are four great smartphone or tablet apps that fuse library learning with cutting-edge technology.

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1. iBooks, iPhone/iPad, Free

This basic book-downloading app should be a staple in every librarian’s toolkit. Not only is it free, but it also offers the option to sample a page of many eBooks before purchase, saving time and money. Looking for something different? iBooks has plenty of other options to browse, ranging from classics to new bestsellers. The app is also a valuable resource because it has passage highlighting and page bookmark capability, making it easy to set aside a specific chapter or quotation to share with the class.

2. Audiobooks, iPhone/iPad, Free

A fun alternative to reading that still offers literary enrichment, audiobooks are a great change of pace and source of entertainment for students of all ages. This app boasts nearly 6,000 audiobooks to listen to, completely for free. There is also the option of downloading premium audiobooks, ranging from newer bestsellers, specially-picked classics, and books narrated by professionals and celebrities.

3. National Geographic’s Weird But True, iPhone/iPad, Free

This app is filled with facts, sounds, and more. The interactive format will keep students engaged while they learn about each one of the 625 facts–enough for a fact a day for more than one school year. Facts are age-appropriate and vetted by National Geographic Kids.

4. WORLD BOOK This Day in History for iPad, iPad, Free

A classic way to engage students in history with a fresh twist, this app provides a multimedia calendar jam-packed with historical events for the current day, or any day in particular. Instead of reading a fun fact out to the class, let students explore the interactive calendar themselves, sparking their interest in further research. Each day is accompanied by photos, illustrations, or music, depending on which historical event is featured.

Carly Buchanan is an eSchool News editorial intern.

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