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3rd Quote solves K-12 ed-tech procurement issues

Ed-tech product democratizes discovery, evaluation, review, & purchasing into a single, secure platform at no cost

ed-tech-tool3rd Quote, an online community and marketplace that facilitates ed-tech product discovery, research, evaluation, and purchasing into a single, secure platform, announces two major features designed to further empower schools and Edtech providers: Report Card and Budget Planner.

K-12 school technology leaders have a difficult time finding, researching, buying, and reviewing quality Ed-tech products in an efficient manner. 3rd Quote bridges this gap by providing Schools a discovery engine, an automated proposal request system, provider reviews, a collaborative production evaluation tool (Report Card), comparative pricing data, budget planning tool, and real-time data.

Harold Jensen, District Technology Coordinator of Howard-Winnishiek Community Schools in Cresco, Iowa comments, “Once you explained 3rd Quote to me, I was sold. I wish 3rd Quote was available for our outside wireless project. It was tough finding qualified providers.”

Will Nagaj, Technology Service Manager for the Griffin-Spalding County Schools in Griffin, Ga., adds, “I’m always looking for 3 quotes. This is perfect. Wish we had this for our data center. Also, we were just told we have to spend grant money. This is just what we need.”

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“We are pleased and honored by their and other’s reaction to 3rd Quote. These are hard working people with a lot on their plates and not much time. Democratization, empowerment, collaboration, and giving voice is in our DNA as a company. We are impassioned about offering a product that will truly help these school tech directors in Iowa, Georgia, and across the US. The pain points for Edtech procurement don’t stop at state lines. In fact, it’s well documented.”

“Shortening the ed-tech sales cycle and helping schools to improve their purchasing decisions through the use of our simple to use tools is our mission. Traditional search engines just aren’t cutting it.” states Alpesh Patel, 3rd Quote COO & Co-Founder. “We are also pleased to announce two new major 3rd Quote features designed to empower schools and Edtech providers: Report Card and Budget Planner.”

New feature: Report Card

The Report Card is the first collaborative evaluation tool available to K-12 schools in the US. It gives all school stakeholders a voice in the decision-making process of Edtech providers or solutions empowering them. Key features include:
● Adding Team Members (any/all stakeholders)
● Review and Monitoring of Key Milestones
● 8 Review Rating Categories (Sliding Scale)
● Include Provider & 3rd Party Research
● Commenting System (to allow private discussions)
● Easy to Create

3rd Quote providers are able to see school created Report Cards’ summative evaluations without identifying the school or team members.

New feature: Budget Tool

The Budget Tool is another industry first for K-12 schools. It is designed with the Director of Technology, Technology Coordinator, and/or Network Manager in mind. Key features include:
● Easy Access & Creation
● Category Selection
● Funding Source
● Provider Identification
● Cost
● Linking to Existing Proposals & New Proposals
● Linking to Existing Report Cards & New Proposals
● Download Data as a CSV File & Google Drive Integration

For more information about 3rd Quote and their education solutions please visit:

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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