The Learning Counsel launches assessment tool and survey

Education leaders, curriculum and technology directors are invited to participate

assessment-toolResearch shows district and school leaders often hit similar barriers in digital curriculum transition.

To help them in this transformative period, the Learning Counsel has announced and launched its 2015 Digital Curriculum Strategy Assessment Tool & Survey.

On top of the confusion of available devices and software to the education market, there is no immediate and codified solution for how these digital “things” are to be vetted, purchased or used.

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Teachers can often be overwhelmed when standards and testing are changing. This also can create a burden for schools.

“We hope this survey will cause schools and districts to take inventory and look at what they are doing from a top-down pedagogical view,” said David Kafitz, VP school relationships & consulting of the Learning Counsel.

“Perhaps a district is over-duplicating digital materials or devices. Or have no coverage at all in key subject areas. Inspecting policies, methods of purchase and use will be a healthy exercise that can greatly benefit a school or district’s transition to digital curriculum.”

A tool for all education executives, curriculum and technology directors, the assessment locates where schools and districts stand on digital curriculum implementation.

The Learning Counsel will collect, analyze and summarize the findings and present them at its Annual Gathering and National Awards event in Albuquerque, N.M. in October. The summarized results also will be made broadly available free of charge at

The national assessment tool and survey was inspired by the Learning Counsel Digital Curriculum Discussion Meetings held in 14 cities last year.

“Every district and school executive, Curriculum Director or Innovations Specialist we met, no matter which city we were in, were running into similar frustrations, funding barriers and PD problems,” said Leilani Cauthen, CEO & Publisher at the Learning Counsel.

“Many districts and schools do not have comprehensive strategies. All types of random hardware products, subscription sites, apps, digital content and systems are being used in an unaligned and disorganized manner.

“We want to share knowledge of what is working and where the greatest challenges are and how they are being overcome. And beyond that, we want to acknowledge the leading schools and districts who are winning with their teachers and students in this digital age.”

The self-assessment and survey cut-off date for submission is September 15, 2015. Once all responses are in, they will be evaluated by the Learning Counsel and ranked based on the composition of their answers in the following areas:
• Strategy elements
• Digital curriculum tactics
• Coverage models
• Policies
• Organizational practices and systems
• Successful pedagogical shift
• Educator and student technology provisions, training, and use of digital curriculum

The top 10 respondents to the survey will be invited to attend the Gathering & National Awards Event hosted by the Learning Counsel where the complete findings and results of the survey will be presented. These top 10 leading and innovative schools or districts will be honored for their achievements. Winner interviews will be publicly promoted with video capture and editorial on the Learning Counsel site and press stories on the winners will also be issued widely to general media outlets. A follow-up internet seminar will also be held featuring some of the Top 10 finalists in January 2016.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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