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Achieve3000 updates blended learning, differentiated instruction tools

Achieve3000 offers innovative new ways to empower blended learning and accelerate student literacy gains through differentiated instruction in the 2016-2017 school year

At the 2016 ISTE Conference & Expo in Denver, Colorado, Achieve3000® will showcase an array of new and enhanced literacy solutions, all designed to help students and educators make a strong start when they head back to school.

The updates include deeply customized state-specific editions for all products; new products for intervention, ELL, and bilingual programs; a new foundational literacy program; new high-stakes state assessment readiness courses; a redesigned Teacher’s Edition homepage; textbook alignment courses; new rostering and data integration options; and an upcoming LevelSet™ Writing assessment.

State-Customized Solutions

To support schools and districts across the country and around the world, the company has created state-customized editions of its patented, nonfiction blended learning literacy solutions:
· KidBizPro®, TeenBizPro®, and EmpowerPro® for English language arts, science and social studies in grades two through 12
· KidBizBoost®, TeenBizBoost®, and EmpowerBoost® for Tier 2 and 3 Response to Intervention and special education in grades two through 12
· idBizAccess®, TeenBizAccess®, and EmpowerAccess® for English language learners in grades two through 12
· KidBizEspañol®, TeenBizEspañol®, and EmpowerEspañol® for Spanish immersion, bilingual, and dual language models in grades two through 12

With more than 65 customized editions – one for every state in the U.S. plus several international editions – Achieve3000 is ensuring both teachers and students have the standards-aligned, grade-appropriate content they need to meet grade-level state standards, perform on high-stakes state assessments, and achieve college and career readiness literacy goals.

Using Achieve3000’s patented and proven method of online differentiated instruction, students of all ability levels work with grade-appropriate content delivered at 12 levels in English and 7 levels in Spanish, along with scaffolding precisely tailored for their learning needs. Each solution has embedded interim and formative assessments available in both English and Spanish that measure and monitor students’ reading levels to measure growth and show impact. Achieve3000’s Pro, Boost, Access and Español solutions are available within Achieve3000’s family of literacy solutions: KidBiz3000® for grades two through five, TeenBiz3000® for grades six through eight, and Empower3000® for grades nine through 12.

Smarty Ants® Foundational Literacy Program

Smarty Ants is a research-driven solution for students in grades PreK-1 that differentiates instruction in foundational reading skills and accelerates student achievement in a motivating, interactive, online learning environment. The program continuously evaluates each student’s exact skill level, learning temperament and learning pace. Based on this information, the adaptive content system automatically delivers the right level of direct and guided skill instruction and game-based practice to keep emerging readers engaged in systematic, explicit, and spiraled instruction in foundational literacy skills. From letter identification and the alphabetic principle to structural analysis and comprehension skills, Smarty Ants provides the “just right” level of instruction to transform young learners into independent readers.

ELA Test Challenge Courses

Achieve3000 is introducing its brand-new ELA Test Challenge courses that prepare students for the rigor of high-stakes state assessments. Built for each grade level and customized for each high-stakes state assessment, the ELA Test Challenge courses help students develop strength and stamina for reading complex informational texts and practice with technology-enhanced items, including drag-and-drop sequencing, click-to-highlight evidence tasks, multi-part items, and multi-select multiple-choice questions. The Challenge courses, along with all of Achieve3000’s instructional content, are accessible at anywhere and anytime via Achieve3000’s mobile apps, online and offline.

New Teacher’s Edition Homepage

Based on teachers’ feedback from around the world, Achieve3000 is also unveiling an all-new Teacher’s Edition homepage with an improved workflow, easier navigation, enhanced grading options, and improved assessment tools that minimize administrative tasks. Teachers can access lessons via a new lesson carousel that allows them to quickly leaf through assigned instructional content, while lesson cards contain key information such as state standards. A new Key Insights panel displays class progress and performance metrics, so teachers can celebrate students’ successes and find opportunities for new challenges. Additionally, the redesigned homepage allows teachers to develop and strengthen students’ writing skills by quickly and easily providing feedback and assigning grades to Thought Questions at point of use. A new Celebration and Success section promotes student motivation and engagement with at-a-glance access to top daily and weekly student scores, plus contest scoreboards and weekly prizes.

Textbook Alignment Courses

Available for a wide variety of basal textbook programs, Achieve3000’s custom textbook alignment courses ensure students can fully engage with grade-level textbook passages and help them to build the comprehension, vocabulary, and critical-thinking skills they need to meet the state ELA Standards and succeed on high-stakes state assessments. Each Achieve3000 textbook alignment course provides a customized set of lessons designed to reinforce and extend the topics and themes in the most popular basal textbook programs.

Rostering and Data Integration

To support data-driven instruction, Achieve3000 has also improved data integration for rostering and dashboards. The company now offers flexible rostering options, from one-time uploads to automated imports to nightly updates, to meet educators’ specific data needs. The company also offers direct SIS integration through its partnership with the edtech platform company Clever, allowing educators to share their data with all of their applications – all from one place. Single sign-on (SSO) options mean that teachers do not have to log into multiple systems, saving both time and effort.

Upcoming LevelSet Writing Assessments

Finally, coming in 2017, Achieve3000’s LevelSet Writing assessment will feature immediate, automatic scoring of students’ writing on pre-, interim and post-tests. LevelSet Writing will be the first assessment of its kind to measure student writing on the Lexile writing scale, adding another embedded assessment to Achieve3000’s solutions to further inform and differentiate instruction. Interested parties can apply to join the LevelSet Writing pilot during the 2016-2017 school year.

For more information on these updates for the upcoming school year, visit Educators attending the ISTE Conference can find Achieve3000 at Booth 1315 in the Expo Hall. For more information, including in-booth presentations and demos, visit


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