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Schoology launches Assessment Management Platform

Schoology Assessment Management Platform, or AMP, integrates learning management and assessment in one system, bringing together student learning experiences with comprehensive assessment and actionable reporting

Announced today at the ISTE 2016 conference, Schoology introduced AMP (Assessment Management Platform), a new solution integrating the Schoology learning management system (LMS) with embedded institution-wide assessment management functionality. This combined system brings together student learning experiences with comprehensive institution-wide assessment and actionable reporting, so that the same system teachers use to deliver curriculum can also be used to assess student progress and preparedness. The functionality can be used not only across a district, but also at the building, department, or even professional learning community (PLC) levels.

Schools currently use multiple tools for learning management and institution-wide assessments (such as interim, benchmark, or common assessments) requiring teachers and students to log-in multiple times to separate, disjointed systems. This creates a difficult scenario for educators to use and share data that can aid in the improvement of individual student outcomes. Schoology’s new Assessment Management Platform provides a centrally managed assessment authoring experience that can be delivered within the normal workflow of a class.

“For the K-12 administrator who wants to improve student outcomes, Schoology’s integrated learning management and assessment management systems bring total visibility and the ability to take immediate action,” said Jeremy Friedman, CEO of Schoology. “This solution enables administrators, faculty, students and parents to take part in helping improve teaching and learning.”

Additional features of the Schoology AMP include:
 The ability to collaborate and author assessments or import third-party item banks
 Utilize new, technology enhanced item types
 Align assessments to standards and in turn, to curriculum
 Align assessments to rubrics giving teachers the ability to use the results for grading
 Use a versioning tool for easy revisions and updates pushed to sections or courses
 Improve student outcomes by analyzing individual scores, as well as aggregated data

Cherry Creek School District located outside of Denver, Colorado was one of the first districts to pilot Schoology AMP. Cherry Creek Schools wanted to administer an Algebra 1 assessment to 4,000 students to help the district see how students performed on specific math standards. The assessment questions were entered in Schoology and delivered through Schoology which most students were all familiar with since they use it daily. When it was completed, the district office could see the results on various levels, which gives a greater understanding of where there may be gaps in student understanding or where additional instructional focus is needed.

Kellie Ady, Cherry Creek’s district instructional technology coordinator commented after the pilot, “We needed the ability, at the district level, to create and deploy periodic district-wide assessments. Schoology’s addition of the assessment management platform gives us the ability to make periodic district-wide assessments that have been, up to now, difficult to set up and deliver.”

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