5 essential apps for autistic learners

Apps for communication, visual prompts, and daily routines

Mobile technology has opened up a plethora of resources for students with special needs, including students with autism. Here we’re highlighting resources and tools that educators might find useful in helping engage students with autism.

The autism spectrum disorder rate in children is about 1 in 68, according to current CDC research. As more students on the autism spectrum enter classrooms each year, technology has the potential to help those students have equal access to educational opportunities.

The now-closed website APPitic.com, which curated apps from Apple Distinguished Educators, suggested a number of apps pertaining to special education, communication, and helping students with autism.

Here are 5 apps to help children and adults with autism develop skills, learn, and interact better with others.

1. ABA Flash Cards, $1
Designed for young children with autism and other learning disabilities, Kindergarden.com has created flash card apps to stimulate learning and provide tools and strategies for creative, effective language building. Different apps include the alphabet, animals, sports, actions, emotions, earth science, famous places, and many more. Each category is a different app with stimulating pictures and a soothing voice to go along with each flash card.

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