Finding free assessment tools for one-to-one programs

A number of free assessment tools can help with one-to-one programs

one-to-one-assessmentsOne-to-one initiatives are touted for their ability to engage students and help students cultivate valuable tech skills they will carry with them to college and the workforce.

But teachers and administrators must make sure that technology used in one-to-one initiatives is used properly as a tool to enhance teaching and learning, others caution.

Using assessment tools to ensure that students are benefiting from one-to-one technology can help teachers adjust their instruction and find different ways to use the technology as effectively as possible.

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Monica Burns, a New York City educator and ed-tech blogger, compiled a list of free assessment tools educators can use with one-to-one programs.


  • Use to create interactive presentations
  • Teachers share content with students and control activity through the Nearpod app
  • Embed quizzes, polls, and interactive responses
  • Teachers monitor one-to-one classroom activity and measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis


  • Assign quizzes
  • Students submit files
  • Teachers use a message board to make announcements


  • Collect data on positive and negative behaviors
  • Print out reports to share with parents and students
  • Available via iPad app and web browser
  • Can give awards when students demonstrate positive behavior


  • Create customized one-to-one assessments
  • Use different formats such as multiple choice, short answer, and true/false
  • “Smart” student response system using educational exercises and games

Poll Everywhere

  • Free K-12 basic account lets teachers collect up to 40 responses for an unlimited number of classes
  • Polls can be in multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, and can include equations and live word clouds


  • Record student work and use video capture for screen activity
  • Share on multiple platforms and send as eMail
  • Use portfolio portion to check for student comprehension

The Answer Pad

  • Create an electronic answer sheet to correspond to existing paper tests
  • Students use a web broswer or iPad app to record answers using one-to-one devices
  • Comes preloaded with the Common Core State Standards for math and reading, but accommodates other frameworks

Google Forms

  • Create forms (click the red “Create” button in Google Drive) to track student progress
  • Forms can act like a survey to quiz students

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