Why I love my job

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, five educators share the source of their educational passion

Every February 14, millions of couples gush about why they love each other. Since this is the season for proclaiming passions, we asked six educators a simple question: “What do you love about teaching?” Here’s what they said.

Sonja Parks: Watching learning in action

The best teachers are also great listeners. I love being an educator because I have been able to not only watch students in my district learn, but also help my teachers improve their skills and become facilitators—not lecturers. This year we implemented Lightspeed’s Activate System, which has strengthened the connection between teachers and students and has empowered students to take ownership of their own learning. Thanks to our Rockin’ Classrooms of the Future, teachers have been able to streamline communication and students are learning to listen to each other and work in groups, which is an essential 21st-century skill. I love to watch learning in action and encourage everyone in our district to learn something new every day.

Camille Cavazos: Getting to know students (and their families)

I love getting to know my students throughout the year. Every year, there’s a new batch of students with shiny, bright eyes, eager to learn something new and fun. If I improve the life of just one student, I’ve made a difference. It’s so easy to come back every year because you have another chance to be a molder of dreams. It’s amazing to see how students grow academically from start to finish.

I also like getting to know my students’ families through my parent-teacher communication app, Bloomz. Not only can I send daily messages about homework, attendance, and behavior, but I am able to do real-time assignments that get parents involved in the fun of learning. For example, I did a treasure hunt competition with the help of parents. The first 10 students to submit pictures of the three types of angles found at home or in public would receive free homework passes. It was a race to the finish, and since I required the pictures to be submitted through the app, it required parents to engage with their children’s learning at home. I also did a similar assignment where students had to find and post pictures of the different types of precipitation. The kids loved these, and so did the parents. Some even posted videos!

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