What NOT to do if you want to be more influential

These three don'ts can make others take you less seriously

2. Don’t just explain the rewards of an idea but acknowledge the risks as well.
Many of us want to tell others how “great” something will be and the benefits it will offer and the “wonderful” parts of the work we will do. We don’t want to admit that the work can be challenging and that some folks will have to deal with discomfort. Perhaps funds will have to be cut for one project to make way for this one or there will be gossip we will have to deal with or we’ll have to work a bit more for a while. Honesty in acknowledging both the good and the bad makes for authenticity and increased buy in.

3. Don’t micromanage. Trust.
Maybe this is just a pet peeve of mine, but I don’t think so (think Daniel Pink!). Many of us like autonomy in our work. If autonomy is offered to me and I feel a sense of control over my actions and work, when someone offers a suggestion or reinforces a certain expectation I am more likely to listen. That is because the feedback is not overly insistent or constant. Micromanaging indicates that we are less trusted by others to do our work. Hostility begins to brew or we just check out. We stop listening. We feel hounded and are not open to a micromanager’s feedback. Want influence? Trust us. That way, when you share something we could change, we’ll be more likely to modify our behavior as a result.

Building up your ability to be of influence is done one interaction at a time. These DON’Ts are just a few strategies embedded in the work of being the best team member and leader you can be. Every moment of connection can help narrow or enhance your ability to be of influence. Make each moment count.

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