A finger presses a "filter" button on a keyboard, illustrating the importance of web filtering for schools.

Why keeping students safe online is about much more than web filtering

Today, students face many challenges to their emotional and physical safety—districts can keep on top of these issues in school if they’re smart about web filtering solutions

When K-12 leaders think of protecting students online, the first thing that comes to mind is shielding them from hackers, predators, or inappropriate websites—and internet filtering systems can perform this function well. But there is much more to protecting students online than just monitoring or filtering their web access.

Adolescence can be a rough period for students, both socially and emotionally, and they face a wide variety of threats to their safety and well-being. Sometimes, these threats come from other students, such as bullying, sexual harassment, radicalism, or hate crimes; sometimes they can be self-inflicted, such as eating disorders, self-harm, or thoughts of suicide.

Read this full report to find out how Hillcrest Academy in Minnesota and Summit Preparatory school in Montana have tacked these issues within budget.

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