DyKnow Releases Version 5.2



DyKnow Releases Version 5.2

New PowerPoint® Plug-in helps educators maximize class time


Indianapolis, Ind. – DyKnow® today announces the release of the DyKnow Software Suite 5.2, which includes DyKnow Monitor® and DyKnow Vision®. DyKnow 5.2 further helps educators maximize time and create true anytime-anywhere learning while improving classroom management and streamlining system administration.

Maximize Time – The new PowerPoint® Plug-in allows educators to leverage existing PowerPoint content while incorporating the interactive benefits of DyKnow software. Educators can quickly create content, include interactive polls, utilize live links and animations, and even initiate a DyKnow session directly in PowerPoint.


Encourage Anytime-Anywhere Learning – The new Audio Export feature allows educators and students to export captured Windows Media files to mobiles devices for true anytime-anywhere learning.


Improve Classroom Management – Teachers can now save more time during class by opening and closing applications and shutting down or restarting student computers remotely. And, with the new Auto-Refresh feature, thumbnail images of students’ screens automatically update every minute for increased visibility.

Streamline System Administration – Three major administrative enhancements in DyKnow 5.2 make technology management easier for IT personnel. Manual inputs and on-going updates to user and roster information are eliminated with DyKnow’s new Data Integration Tool. The new tool allows administrators to batch import up-to-date user information from an SIS or other database into the DyKnow server automatically. And, with the updated Administration Console, IT personnel can easily see which computers are online and check the accuracy of user information. Administrative duties are further simplified with DyKnow’s new Monitor-only MSI installer which decreases installation time and increases security. 


For more information about other updates and new features in the latest version of the DyKnow Software Suite visit www.DyKnow.com and click “What’s New in 5.2” under the Latest News section.


New Features and Updates:

PowerPoint® Plug-in
Automated Data Integration
Improved Authoring Tools
Audio Export
Work Group Enhancements
Improved Classroom Management Tools

Auto-Refresh Thumbnail Images
Updated Administration Console

Installer Improvements
New Operating System Support


About DyKnow
DyKnow®, developer and distributor of education software, combines sound teaching with intuitive technology to create the most flexible and effective solutions for teaching and learning. DyKnow is committed to helping educators maximize class time and foster collaboration while also minimizing electronic distraction. By promoting effective studying and gathering student feedback educators can feel confident in students’ academic success.


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