One Clear Voice: Calypso Debuts Integrated School-Wide Communication System

Calypso Systems, a leading developer of multimedia technology solutions for K-12 classrooms, today announced it has developed two new products that manage school audio resources more efficiently than ever before – CM-3000 and Conductor, which together comprise a single, integrated school communications system.


School districts across the country are making large investments in classroom audio/visual (A/V) technologies. Yet, many districts still maintain separate intercom and building-level communication systems, which is inefficient for modern school operations and emergency response needs. By providing a single management platform for both administrative and instructional A/V functions, CM-3000 and Conductor deliver an integrated school solution that extends operational budgets and improves school-wide communications performance.


“Schools leveraging classroom A/V technologies for administrative purposes realize significant cost savings and ease of implementation by eliminating what amounts to redundant systems,” said David H. Parish, Ph.D., president of Calypso Systems. “The CM-3000 paired with Conductor software represents an entirely new opportunity for convergence, making school-wide audio functional, flexible and better able to manage the multiple priorities of building communications.”


CM-3000 – The Sound of the Future

The CM-3000 is a networked, streaming audio controller that can encode analog audio at the head-end/administrative office for delivery on the standard school Internet Protocol (IP) network.  In the classroom, the CM-3000 will decode the IP audio stream for standard playback over conventional analog speakers, and can also encode any return audio for delivery over the IP network, such as a two-way intercom call.


As more classrooms implement multi-media instructional aides, such as projectors and interactive whiteboard technology, the CM-3000 provides a robust, scalable control system that easily manages existing classroom tools while allowing for simple integration of future technologies.


As an integrated solution, the CM-3000 assigns priorities to various audio sources, ensuring the highest priority message is always delivered first, unlike dual systems. For example, the CM-3000 auto-detects incoming overhead pages and reduces volume levels of classroom A/V devices to let the page be heard. Furthermore, emergency alerts will be delivered to all rooms in the building without delay or confusion.


The CM-3000 system has an MSRP of $749.00, with K-12 pricing available, and features integrated IP audio encoding and decoding, four analog audio inputs, a 32-watt amplifier, a network-based A/V controller and a four-port network hub.


Conductor – All the Bells and Whistles

Conductor is a comprehensive school communication software solution that leverages existing school networks for audio distribution, eliminating the need for a separately wired system. Conductor manages all aspects of school audio, integrating administrative audio with classroom A/V systems for a more flexible, cost-effective and reliable building-wide A/V solution. Bells, paging, intercom and emergency alert functions are all integrated through Conductor’s secure, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and backed by enterprise-class client-server architecture.


“Conductor is the natural evolution of a trend toward greater facility-based control over school A/V systems,” Parish said. “The software is specifically designed to serve both information technology and administrative needs, creating greater cooperation between the two, while simultaneously saving money and staff resources.”


The Conductor software suite has an MSRP of $3,995.00, with special K-12 pricing available, and features flexible multi-zone support for all administrative communications, an easy-to-use Windows-based GUI and built-in emergency alert capabilities with automatic e-mail notifications.


For more information about Calypso Systems’ integrated school communications solutions, please visit or call (888) 381-9646.


About Calypso

Calypso Systems, headquartered in Woodbury, Minn., is a manufacturer of a full range of open architecture control, user interface, audio, microphone and connectivity products designed to create integrated classroom solutions for teachers, students and administrators. Calypso products are sold exclusively through commercial audio-video electronics dealers throughout North America and around the world.


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