College and career readiness is of critical importance for all students--here's how to guide them down the right path

16 college and career readiness resources

College and career readiness is of critical importance for all students--here's how to guide them down the right path

4. The American Institutes for Research works with education and workforce leaders at the state, district, and school levels to refine policies and practices so that students graduate on time with the academic, technical, employability skills they need to be successful in postsecondary education and the workplace.

5. The Alliance for Excellent Education features college and career readiness resources focusing on high school reform, preparing students for 21st-century jobs, rigorous curriculum, career pathways, and more.

6. The Association for Middle Level Education offers resources on college and career readiness for students with special needs. Recommendations include teaching self-advocacy, introducing students and parents to different college types, and focusing on a growth mindset.

7. Take a look at how this New Jersey school district uses four distinct strategies to build and maintain a strong foundation for postsecondary success.

8. The National College Attainment Network offers tools, resources, research, documents, webinars, and more–all focused on making the college success/career intersections more explicit, highlighting successful programs that are already making the college success/career connection, and building capacity to make this pivot smoother.

9. VirtualJobShadow empowers individuals to discover, plan and pursue their dreams with our unique video-based career planning platform. Interactive tools help students and job seekers develop career paths based on choice, not chance. At the elementary level, teachers can inspire their students by broadening their awareness of future career opportunities and engaging them in the process of exploring careers with VJS Junior’s interactive, multimedia lessons. In middle and high school, motivate students to take control of their futures by planning for careers today. Job shadowing and career advice videos take career exploration to a whole new level by connecting academics to the real world.

10. Equal Opportunity Schools aims to ensure that students of color and low-income students have equitable access to America’s most academically intense high school programs and succeed at the highest levels. Each year, approximately three-quarters of a million incoming juniors and seniors are ready to be enrolled in rigorous academic programs, but do not have equitable access to these courses. These students are disproportionately students of color and low-income students. Equal Opportunity Schools helps schools identify and remove barriers to equitable access.

11. What Will They Learn? offers a unique look at college rankings. The search for the right college can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, most rankings don’t tell prospective students what matters most: what students are learning. This resource grades colleges and universities in seven core areas of knowledge.

12. Launch Your Career is an interactive, personalized career guidance program that helps students find their passions and prepare for college and career. It includes online self-directed activities, a gamified virtual reality experience using VR cardboard headsets, and an Educator Dashboard. Students take a personality quiz to explore their personality type and bring to life their virtual personality animal. The program records their likes and interests, helps them explore clusters and careers, and provides access to a Learning Hub offering more than 80 gamified STEM activities aligned to each personality type. Teachers and guidance counselors use the Educator Dashboard to track students’ progress and assign tasks.

13. Veative‘s entire collection of content is available on any computer with internet access and on the following Virtual Reality Devices; Veative Edupro, Lenovo Mirage Solo and the new Lenovo Mirage S3. Veative’s robust content library is expertly aligned to National and State Standards and contains over 550 interactive Virtual Labs and Experiences for grade three through higher education. Topics include STEM, Educational Tours, SAT and ACT Preparation, and Career Technical Pathways for Health Science and Agriculture. The Veative solution also includes built in assessments with data analytic reports that allow teachers and school leaders to track students’ progress toward mastery.

14. The Aperture Student Portal for high school students is an online platform that gives students access to the DESSA-High School Edition Student Self-Report, goal-setting tools, and immediate feedback to help them grow in their social and emotional competencies. These competencies, which include self-management, personal responsibility, decision making and more, are vital for career and college readiness and imperative for any student navigating the dynamic challenges of distance or hybrid learning. The platform is gamified to optimize student engagement and motivation. Because the portal can be accessed online, teachers can use it to support SEL both in the classroom and during distance learning.

15. FlinnPREP, developed by Flinn Scientific in partnership with a select team of AP teachers, provides online courses and labs that strengthen the AP learning experience for students. Each course and lab align to current big ideas, learning objectives, and science practices and fulfills all the requirements for an AP-level curriculum. The blended learning program additionally uses engaging graphics, videos, animations, games, and reteach options to assess student knowledge, provide learning challenges, and strengthen basic skills in key topic areas.

16. Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro, an enhanced app from Vernier Software & Technology, helps students gain a deeper understanding of important science concepts in new and innovative ways by engaging in advanced data analysis, an important skill needed for college and career success. The app allows educators and students to easily insert, view, and sync a video to sensor data for analysis, and it features the ability to perform live experiments and share data over the internet in real time. Whether learning is happening remotely or in person, students can experience real experiments and think critically as they analyze and graph data—helping them connect abstract concepts to real-world applications.

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