Teens learn dangers of texting while driving

Kamy Mayott has been told that texting while driving is dangerous—but the 15-year-old didn’t know just how dangerous until she navigated a golf cart through an obstacle course while texting and took out a whole row of orange cones, reports the Associated Press. “It definitely taught me to be careful and not to text while driving, because I’m going to kill somebody,” Mayott said. So far, 25 states have banned texting while driving, but many are going a step further, sending kids through similar courses so they can see the errors, accidents, and fatalities they could cause. Officials hope the reality will alleviate the temptation to send an electronic message to a friend while behind the wheel. “It’s pretty eye-opening for the kids,” said David Teater, senior director of transportation initiatives for the National Safety Council in Itasca, Ill. “They’re very unsuccessful at texting and navigating the cones.” The NSC estimates that 28 percent of crashes—or 1.6 million per year—are caused by cell phone use, either talking or texting…

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