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App of the Week: Doodle with math

math-appApp name: Doodle Critter Math Shapes

What is it? Interact and play with basic shapes such as ‘triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and circle’! Various motivational activities will inspire your children to learn more about shapes.

Best for: Students ages 5 and younger

Price: $2.99

Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later

Features: There are six creative ways to play with Doodle Critter Math
1. Learn Shapes
Draw different shapes by touching each critter.
Kids can understand the basic concepts of shapes and learn their names while drawling lines between points.

2. Sort out Shapes
Look at each shape and group all the matching pairs.
It allows kids to compare each shape and find out how these shapes look different.

3. Match the Pairs
Match shapes to the real world objects like sandwiches and clocks.
Kids learn that our everyday objects all have shapes and develop their sense of curiosity.

4. Remember Shapes
Carefully look at each shape and remember how they look before they hide inside the box.
It encourages kids to identify and remember each shape.

5. Make Different Shapes
Put all the puzzle pieces together to make different animals and vehicles.
Learn how these shapes are combined to make new things.

6. Find Shapes
Find all the hidden shape in the fable.
You will be surprised to know that your kids can find all these complicated shapes in each scene.

Link: iOS 

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