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MIDAS Education launches EEM solution

The new data platform replaces the SIS, LMS, and more

MIDAS Education announced the launch of its EEM (Education Enterprise Management) solution. EEM is the ed-tech movement that districts are embracing to replace all of their instructional and compliance data systems with one integrated solution.

Designed to facilitate individualized instruction, MIDAS (Massively Integrated Data Analytics System) enables teachers, administrators, parents, and students to access real-time, actionable data through a simple, intuitive web interface.

Created as a holistic solution for districts that have been forced to use multiple systems, MIDAS Education’s platform replaces traditional systems like the SIS and LMS, performance analytics dashboard, website builder, transportation tracker, and special education compliance toolset, among others, with a single platform.

Unlike other attempts to solve this problem, MIDAS does not use single sign-on or API integration to consolidate the functions of these systems, nor does MIDAS add another layer of systems at an additional cost to make existing systems “talk” to one another. Instead, MIDAS replaces all of these systems with a single platform powered by one massive database.

Because MIDAS was created by educators for educators, company leadership understands the importance of making software work the way schools and teachers do. MIDAS works with districts to customize the implementation and transition process.

Because MIDAS stores all of a district’s data in one place, users need only log in once to access the utility of 13 “siloed” systems. Among its many features, MIDAS keeps all stakeholders informed and empowers educators to track attendance and test scores, create assessments and lessons, manage interventions, and align curriculum with standards to individualize instruction.

“MIDAS can easily save districts thousands of dollars, allowing them to purchase one system instead of eight, 10, or 12,” said Megan Harney, the founder and CEO of MIDAS Education. “For example, we talked with a district that spends $2.2 million a year to license three different systems and pays four engineers to run them. MIDAS does all that for a fourth of the cost, and eliminates the jumbled mess of programs and log-ins. Why pay for more systems when one can do it?”

Hosted on the Amazon Web Services cloud, MIDAS provides any stakeholder, at any time, in any place, access to real-time information to target learning for every student. Reporting and analytics are automated, making compliance and state reporting requirements easier and freeing educators to do what they do best: teach.

District clients design MIDAS’s user dashboards for students, teachers, administrators, and parents using a customizable permissions toolset so that the district can define what each group sees. Each stakeholder will see only what he or she needs to see in the way he or she needs to see it. MIDAS can also pull in assessment data from sources such as Accelerated Reader, MAP, and PAWS.

Dr. Steve Boynton, the superintendent of the Lincoln County School District in Oregon, said, “We had seven different systems with seven different log-ins when I first got here. MIDAS has helped us to create a robust, Education Enterprise Management (EEM) solution.”

The district uses a variety of systems to deliver instruction, such as Renaissance Learning’s STAR for formative assessment and Compass Learning for curriculum. To make the two different systems work together more cohesively, Boynton turned to MIDAS. “Before MIDAS, it was impossible for teachers to know where every student was in his or her learning at any given time. Now teachers know each student’s STAR scores, what they’ve completed, and where they’re struggling. MIDAS helps us do whatever we need to develop students’ skills.”

In addition to traditional product training, the MIDAS team also offers professional development focused on teaching and learning and individualizing instruction, as well as school website design and integration.

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