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Curriculum Associates and Corwin Partner on i-Ready® Assessment and Professional Learning Services

Professor John Hattie to serve as technical advisor to i-Ready Assessment

NORTH BILLERICA, Mass.— Leading education companies Curriculum Associates and Corwin are partnering to help districts nationwide elevate teaching and learning practices that most impact student growth. The partnership allows the two companies to make recommendations and referrals for the other’s products and services. Educators will see the power of adopting both the i-Ready Assessment with its best-in-class services to help measure and deliver purposeful, data-driven instruction, and Corwin’s professional learning consulting services, which are rooted in Professor John Hattie’s Visible Learning research to build knowledge and skills for effective teaching practices. Additionally, Hattie will now serve as a technical advisor for i-Ready Assessment, bringing over 30 years of research on what works best to improve learning.

“Professor Hattie’s Visible Learning research and our i-Ready Assessment program are a natural complement to one another. The research helps teachers tune into the strategies that have the most impact on student learning, and i-Ready helps teachers truly understand the impact their instruction is having in that moment,” said Rob Waldron, CEO of Curriculum Associates. “Through the partnership with Corwin, we will collectively be able to help more educators use practices to drive student outcomes, while further strengthening i-Ready Assessment through Professor Hattie’s expertise.”

Corwin’s professional learning consulting services provide sustained, job-embedded professional learning to support educators in implementing effective classroom strategies that have the greatest influence on student achievement. Notably, the Visible Learning research, which is at the center of these services, is the world’s largest evidence base on what works best to improve learning. It encompasses more than 1,850 meta-analyses, comprising more than 108,000 studies involving more than 300 million students to date.

“When we talk about what really moves the needle on student achievement, one theme appears over and over again, and that is ‘know thy impact.’ The Visible Learning research is very clear that when students understand where they are in their learning journey and where to next, and when teachers understand the impact of their teaching on student learning, we can see significant gains in student achievement,” said Hattie. “For the past decade, I have collaborated with Corwin on professional learning to help districts shift their mindsets and practices toward the things we know will make the biggest difference in student achievement. As technical advisor on i-Ready, I look forward to exploring new ways we can help teachers and students ‘know thy impact.’”

i-Ready Assessment, alongside a system of support from i-Ready Partners, provides the data teachers need to target instruction where it’s needed most and to help teachers and leaders measure the impact they are having on student learning. i-Ready Assessment is aligned to many of Hattie’s identified high-impact practices. It empowers educators and students to use evidence to understand where students are in their learning, what progress looks like, and how students can continue to advance with a personalized learning path. With i-Ready, educators can gain deep insight into student growth based on industry-leading assessment and instructional design concepts backed by extensive validity evidence. Features like i-Ready‘s Stretch Growth targets a growth goal that is ambitious, attainable, empowers student ownership of their learning, and puts Grades K–8 students on a path toward proficiency, which has become increasingly essential following learning disruptions caused by COVID-19. Hattie’s new role as a technical advisor will help guide future research and product innovations as Curriculum Associates continues to lead the way for effective learning powered by assessment-informed instruction.

“Oftentimes classroom teachers are faced with the challenge of knowing how to use assessment data to drive instructional decisions. This is where Corwin’s research-based consulting services can help educators develop the knowledge and skills to interpret results and adjust instruction using the teaching practices that have the highest impact on student learning,” said Michael Soules, President of Corwin. “Conversely, K–12 leaders oftentimes have challenges measuring the impact of professional learning on student achievement. i-Ready can help teachers assess the impact of their instruction prior to and after professional learning, thus making growth in teacher effectiveness visible to both teachers and leaders.”

Today, i-Ready serves more than 11 million students, as well as approximately one-third of all students in grades K–8 in the United States.

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About Curriculum Associates

Founded in 1969, Curriculum Associates, LLC designs research-based print and online instructional materials, screens and assessments, and data management tools. The company’s products and outstanding customer service provide teachers and administrators with the resources necessary for teaching diverse student populations and fostering learning for all students.

About Corwin, a SAGE Publications Company

Founded in 1990 as part of SAGE Publications, Corwin provides research-based supports to K-12 leaders and teachers. More than 30 years later, Corwin remains an independent company grounded in our mission: Helping all educators realize their greatest impact through sustained professional learning.

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