Think Through Math adds geometry to interactive math system

New offering will combine live tutoring and adaptive math instruction

geometry-toolThink Through Learning, creators of Think Through Math (TTM), an instructional system for grades 3 and above, announced plans to expand its high school software line to include geometry.

Built from the ground up to align to each state’s standards as well as the Common Core, TTM Geometry combines live tutoring from state-certified U.S. math teachers, adaptive instruction and a motivation system that work together to support students to master geometry.

Think Through Math’s teachers tutor students through a two-way interactive whiteboard. TTM Geometry then builds and strengthens conceptual understanding by having students explore math relationships using multiple kinds of visual representations.

To further insure sustainable learning gains, TTM Geometry includes a wide variety of interactive item types; ensuring students are well prepared for the more sophisticated test items being used on state-level assessments.

“As with all TTM lessons, which are designed to emphasize the progressive and interrelated nature of math concepts, TTM Geometry builds on prior knowledge. By incorporating algebraic reasoning, theories and formulas throughout, students can master the big picture of conceptual math relationships, rather than simply practice a series of discrete lessons,” said Sara Byrne, Director of Content at Think Through Math.

Available to students from school and home, Think Through Math’s adaptive learning technology addresses the unique learning needs of every student including English Language Learners (ELL) and those with advanced math aptitude and learning disabilities. TTM lessons and on-line tutoring are both available in both English and Spanish.

Material from a press release was used in this report.

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