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zSpace launches virtual reality teaching tools

Shuttle Computer Group, zSpace create virtual reality tools for K-12 and universities

Shuttle Computer Group and zSpace have teamed up to create a desktop virtual reality solution used in K-12 schools and universities. Their intent is to create a union of the latest technology that enhances the school experience and makes learning interactive and fun.

“Shuttle is known for working closely with its partners to create tailored products for specific applications, integration and OEM,” said Marty Lash, director, sales and marketing, Shuttle Computer Group. “Our customization for zSpace is very specific for their application, including minor hardware tweaks, custom imaging, and tailored packaging. They can’t buy off-the-shelf computers—their requirements are very specific and they get exactly what they need with Shuttle.”

zSpace’s immersive virtual reality environment offers over 250 STEM lesson plans and activities for educators to use with their students. Virtual-holographic images can be “lifted” from the screen and manipulated with the stylus. Some applications provide multi-sensory feedback; for example, students working with a virtual heart can see it pumping, hear it, and feel it beating.

Due to the heavy graphic requirements of 3D applications, some zSpace displays need intensive computing power. Typically, they used large computers which took up a lot of desk space. With Shuttle, zSpace offers their customers a solution with a much smaller footprint without risking performance.

Steve Kingsley-Jones, product manager, zSpace, says, “Shuttle is a solid hardware partner for us. Their computers are small, cool-running and reliable, which is vital in a classroom. And the customization is great—they even glue the CD-ROM door shut because we don’t need it. They deliver exactly what we want, on time, every time.”

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