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Empower students to be future ready with these top 5 tools

An educator shares her favorite resources for sparking curiosity and developing future-ready skills

Educators are constantly looking for resources and tools to get students engaged and excited about the content they are teaching. Take it a step further by empowering your students with designing and creating, and that engagement will automatically happen.

Empowerment means you are providing your students with the future-ready skills and experiences they can take with them into the future. They can take what they have learned and apply it to other experiences such as their own passions, interests, and share them with an authentic audience. Empowered students can change the world!

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Here are five tools that you can use tomorrow that will not only empower your students, but will also spark their curiosity and interests to be future ready.

My favorite 5 tools to develop future-ready skills

1. Merge VR

Merge takes augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to the next level by providing students exploration experiences as well as the ability to create AR and VR with the CoSpaces add-on. By integrating Merge apps that use the Cube and/or VR goggles, students can learn about the solar system, anatomy, cells, museum artifacts, and so much more! Get ready! Merge will soon be releasing the Merge EDU Platform which will include content-specific modules. Check out some already-created EDU Resources to get started today.

a student using a Merge cube to view AR images

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