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Why we love our math software

Here are five great math programs that teachers and administrators recommend

Math gets a bad reputation for no good reason. After all, it’s a universal language and it applies to so many areas of life. Learning math can be challenging, and teaching it can be equally challenging. But tools like math software can help educators make the topic more palatable and relatable for students.

We asked five educators to share their favorite math software with you. If you’re looking for something to change up your math instruction, check out what these educators have to say.

Math software picks

“My students absolutely love working with DreamBox. There is complete silence when they are on the program! It is amazing how it adapts to the exact level each of my students need. Students can work on DreamBox individually at their own pace and level while I am working with small groups on our current content. It is truly filling in the missing gaps for some students and stretching others beyond what I can do in the classroom! It’s almost as if there is another teacher providing individualized instruction! It’s a fantastic program.”
—Dani Kremer, 4th-grade teacher, Center Point Urbana Primary School (IA)

“One of the biggest benefits of Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math is that our students now see math differently. They see that it is problem-based, that mistakes can be valuable in their learning, and that it’s about the process, not just the result. This is not only important for their success in math but in life. Our teachers are changing their mindsets, too. Before, when teachers were planning lessons, they didn’t necessarily step back and look at the big picture of how the lessons they taught in September would connect to lessons they taught in December or March. Thanks to the coherence of the 6–8 Math curriculum, they now have a better understanding of these connections and about how mathematics is about building mastery over time, rather than simply mastering one skill or concept and then moving to the next one.”
—Dennis A. Regus, director of assessment and accountability, Menifee (CA) Union School District

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i-Ready provides a comprehensive profile of individualized data for each of our students, as well as personalized instructional pathways, matching instruction to skill level and addressing learning gaps caused by lagging skills, and extension opportunities for learners who are ready for more challenge. It also gives our teachers access to a depth of individualized student data that we have never before had in the area of mathematics. The easy-to-use reports offer quick, real-time data our teachers use to plan and fine-tune their instruction to meet the specific mathematics needs of our students in both whole-group and small-group learning. Teachers also use the reports to engage students and parents as active partners in supporting strong math growth.”
—Linda Seeberg, executive director of academic programs, Redmond (OR) School District

“I like the fact that the Carnegie Learning products make my students think and process information rather than just spoon-feed them the information. As well, I absolutely love that MATHia does not allow my students to pass on to something else if they have not yet mastered a certain process in the operation. It is humanly impossible for me to do this with every assignment every day for 150+ students, but this program does.”
—Connie Cardona, teacher, South Miami Middle School, Miami-Dade County (FL) Public Schools

ST Math has given my students an active approach to become involved in discovery while using tools never before afforded them. It has helped them progress with a confidence we’ve never witnessed in the past.”
—Jackie Tetreault, sixth-grade teacher, Union Hill School (MA)


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