Exceptional Black Students from Colorado Receive $2.44 Million in Sachs Foundation Scholarships

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June23, 2021 — The Sachs Foundation, an organization that has provided college scholarships to Black Coloradans since 1931, announced today that it has awarded $2.44 million in scholarships to talented Black students from the Centennial State over the past year. With funding from the Foundation, Black Coloradans are pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees from prestigious institutions nationwide, including Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Yale, with about 20% attending prominent historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) like Howard University.  

Founded during the Great Depression by Pikes Peak resident Henry Sachs, the Sachs Foundation has provided scholarships to thousands of Black Coloradans. Mr. Sachs was inspired to create the foundation when he witnessed firsthand how economic and educational discrimination affected Black citizens, including his friends the Stroud family, whose son Dolphus Stroud received the first Sachs Foundation scholarship. In the years since, the Foundation has funded top Black scholars who’ve gone on to distinguished careers in medicine, science, engineering, public service, the arts and other fields. …Read More

Where are the black students in science, math?

“Stem for All. All for Stem” is the refrain heard throughout the nation and in Georgia, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.  The national emphasis on improving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education is to ensure the United States maintains global technological and economic leadership. Emphasis on STEM has become the cornerstone of the national education dialogue. National and state level focus is on increasing the number of students who graduate from college with STEM degrees to meet growing workforce needs…

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