Arkansas’ LISA Academy Renews Partnership with Global Edtech Leader Supporting Student Success

Charlotte, NC — Arkansas’  LISA Academy public charter school district today announced the renewal of its partnership with worldwide edtech leader  Discovery Education. Thanks to this continued collaboration, students across the LISA Academy district will continue using Discovery Education’s engaging digital and print services to explore their curiosity about all subjects. Discovery Education is the global edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports instruction wherever it takes place. 

Little Scholars of Arkansas (LISA) Academy is a tuition-free public charter school with a comprehensive STEM-focused college preparatory program. Established in 2004, all 11 schools across the state are accredited by the Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The district serves over 4,300 students in its mission to provide an academically rigorous college preparatory program that prepares students to succeed in education and in the workplace of their choice. 

LISA Academy’s administration selected Discovery Education’s services because of their ease of use and proven record of quickly engaging students in K-12 subjects. Following their successful debut in LISA Academy classrooms, the charter district renewed the following Discovery Education services for the 2023-2024 school year: …Read More

Epilepsy Foundation Partners with Vector Solutions to Offer Seizure First Aid Trainings to Educators

BOWIE, MD. — The Epilepsy Foundation announced a five-year collaboration with Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training and software solutions for K-12 and higher education institutions, to offer the Epilepsy Foundation’s Seizure Recognition & First Aid Certification training in the Vector Safety and Compliance Course Library. This agreement will provide an easy and convenient way for educators and school personnel, who are already contracted with Vector, to take the seizure first aid training to better serve their students.

There are 470,000 children living with epilepsy in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the opportunity for academic success is increased when students with chronic health conditions have a safe and supportive learning environment.

“Our collaboration with Vector will give school personnel — who are required by state laws to take seizure first aid training — a place to do so easily and effectively through a familiar learning portal,” said Brandy Fureman, Ph.D., chief outcomes officer, Epilepsy Foundation. “In addition, it will expand access to our seizure first aid training to school systems around the country using Vector’s platform. Our end goal is to have a seizure safe nation where everyone who has a seizure feels safe, no matter where they are. This partnership is a stepstone toward that goal.”…Read More

Gale Launches Online Community to Help Educators Thrive

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Gale, part of Cengage Group, is giving educators a new social space to exchange ideas and share best practices. The company has launched Gale Community For Educators, a new Facebook community designed with K-12 educators in mind. With a mission to enhance teaching practices and foster collaboration, Gale Community For Educators offers a platform that encourages literature, English, history, and civics high school teachers to connect, share ideas and access valuable resources.

“Gale Community For Educators is a helpful resource for high school teachers,” said Shawn Clark, senior vice president of Gale’s domestic learning business. “This platform fosters collaboration and professional growth and ensures that teachers have the necessary tools to create dynamic, engaging and transformative learning experiences for their students. By connecting educators nationwide, Gale Community For Educators enables us to collectively elevate the quality of education and help students to reach their full potential.”

Networking and Collaboration…Read More

IXL and Fayette County Public Schools Partner to Boost Academic Achievement and Personalize Learning for All Students

LEXINGTON, Kentucky  — IXL, the personalized learning platform used by more than 14 million students, has announced a new partnership with Fayette County Public Schools (FCPS) in Kentucky. As part of the collaboration, the state’s second-largest K-12 school system will now use IXL’s award-winning platform district-wide to boost academic achievement in math, English language arts, science, social studies and Spanish. IXL is used by nearly 40 percent of all K-12 students in Kentucky, accounting for more than 283,000 learners. 

Fayette County Public Schools strives to provide a world-class education and positive learning environment to more than 40,000 students from the Lexington area. FCPS began using IXL to support its special education and English language learner communities, and recently expanded its implementation district-wide after successfully piloting the platform. 

The district highly values IXL Analytics because it provides educators with data that allows them to track student achievement across schools and identify any gaps in knowledge. This information can then be used to quickly intervene and provide students with the support they need to succeed.…Read More

Cae Announces Multiyear Partnership with Project Lead The Way 

NEW YORK  The  Council for Aid to Education, Inc. (CAE), a leader in designing innovative performance tasks for measurement and instruction of higher order skills and for subject area assessments, today announced a multiyear collaboration with  Project Lead The Way (PLTW), the nation’s leading provider of PreK-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curricula. The partnership, which commences with the 2023-2024 school year and continues through 2028, will leverage CAE’s best practices and decades of experience in developing high-quality innovative assessments.

CAE will provide assessment design, content development, and psychometrics for end-of-course assessments in all 15 of PLTW’s high school courses within the engineering, computer science and biomedical science pathways. The assessments will be aligned to PLTW’s rigorous standards and will be designed to provide students with meaningful feedback on their progress.

“The partnership of CAE and PLTW unites two complementary organizations that are similarly driven to best prepare today’s students for the realities of the future workplace,” said Bob Yayac, CAE president and chief executive officer. “Our team has a deep understanding of the needs of STEM educators and learners, and we are excited to create assessments that will accurately measure student learning and support their progress. Our partnership will ensure that PLTW’s students have the opportunity to show what they know and can do, and that they are prepared for success in college, career, and beyond.”…Read More

How to redefine learning in the digital age

Key points:

  • ChatGPT-4 enriches curriculum, fosters collaboration, and prepares students for the challenges of the digital age
  • As higher learning institutions embrace ChatGPT-4 and AI technologies, they contribute to shaping a future-ready generation of learners
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In an era defined by technological innovation, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has become a game-changer in higher education. ChatGPT-4, developed by OpenAI, presents an extraordinary opportunity for higher learning institutions to revolutionize education. By incorporating ChatGPT-4 as a required part of the learning experience, institutions can unlock a new realm of innovation, critical thinking, and personalized learning.

The integration of ChatGPT-4 enriches the curriculum, fosters collaboration, and prepares students for the challenges of the digital age. Dr. Ryan Watkins, a professor of education at The George Washington University Graduate School of Education and Human Development, said he plans to have his students use ChatGPT to write outlines for class presentations: “I might have my students use it as a starting place, and then they can add their content in and comment about how useful or not useful it was.”…Read More

Indiana’s Vigo County School Corporation Adds New, High-Tech Tools Supporting Teaching and Learning to Students’ Digital Book Bags

Charlotte, NC — Students across Indiana’s Vigo County School Corporation (VCSC) will add new, high-quality learning resources to their digital book bags this Fall thanks to a new partnership with worldwide edtech leader Discovery Education. In this new collaboration, Discovery Education will provide district students in grades K-12 exciting new digital and print services that will help them explore their curiosity about all subjects. In addition, district educators will receive in-depth professional learning opportunities that will help them integrate their new resources into instruction and create engaging lessons that prepare students for success beyond the classroom.

VCSC is one of Vigo County’s largest employers, serving nearly 14,000 students across three traditional high schools, five middle schools, 15 elementary schools, an alternative school, and a virtual school. VCSC works to build upon the strengths of their diverse community to create a comprehensive and engaging learning environment that supports the lifelong success of all students.

The VCSC community sees educational technology’s potential to advance relationships between teachers and their students, shrink long-standing accessibility gaps, and increase the depth of learning experiences for all children. So, to support district goals in the sciences and other academic disciplines, school administrators sought high-quality digital resources that featured hands-on components and could easily be integrated into teaching and learning. Following a thorough review of available solutions, VCSC’s administration selected the following Discovery Education resources for K-5 classrooms:…Read More

Students and Teachers in Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools Set to Return to Classrooms this Fall with Engaging New Tools from Worldwide Edtech Leader 

Charlotte, NC — Students and teachers in grades K-8 across Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) will return to their classrooms this Fall to find new resources in their high-tech pencil cases thanks to a deepened collaboration with worldwide edtech leader Discovery Education. In the latest phase of this more than 20-year partnership, Discovery Education will provide district elementary and middle school students exciting new digital science textbooks that will help them explore their curiosity about the natural world. In addition, Discovery Education will provide teachers with stimulating professional learning experiences that will help create engaging lessons that prepare students for success beyond the classroom. 

PGCPS is one of the nation’s 20th largest school districts and has 198 schools and centers, more than 131,000 students, and nearly 20,000 employees. The school system serves a diverse student population from urban, suburban, and rural communities located in the Washington, DC suburbs. PGCPS is nationally recognized for college and career-readiness programs that provide all learners with unique learning opportunities, including dual enrollment and language immersion. 

PGCPS seeks to provide all PreK-12 students equitable access to exemplary teachers, science curriculum programming, instructional practices, and standards-based assessments that are reflective of research and best practices. To support this effort, the district’s science curriculum team sought a digital K-8 science resource aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and supportive of improved student achievement and heightened career and college readiness. Following a thorough review of available digital resources, PGCPS selected the  Discovery Education Science Techbooks for use in elementary and middle school classrooms. …Read More

 Minnesota’s Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop Public Schools’ New Partnership Powers the Creation of Dynamic Digital Learning Environments Supporting Science Education 

Charlotte, NC – Minnesota’s Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop Public Schools (GFW) today announced a new partnership with Discovery Education supporting the creation of engaging science lessons in K-12 classrooms districtwide. In this new multi-year collaboration, educators in every GFW school will integrate Discovery Education’s suite of innovative digital resources into instruction to create dynamic learning experiences that will awaken students’ natural curiosity about science and the natural world. Discovery Education is the worldwide edtech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. 

Nestled in the prairie of south-central Minnesota and serving students from the communities of Gibbon, Fairfax, Winthrop, and surrounding townships, GFW uses progressive technology applications to access educational resources from around the world. Parents cite small class sizes, school-aged childcare, early childhood programs, and co-curricular programs as the desirable features of the school district. With a mission to grow future world-class leaders, GFW aims to provide all learners an equitable and quality education that meets the individual needs of students with future-forward instruction. 

As part of its continuous effort to prepare students for success beyond graduation, GFW sought digital resources that would drive deeper engagement in science. These resources needed to be simple to use, accessible for all teachers and students, easily integrated into the district’s robust science program, and aligned to Minnesota state and NGSS standards.  …Read More

Investing in classroom collaboration tools? 3 things to know

Key points:

  • Flexibility and ease of use should be important parts of decision making
  • Meet today’s needs, but keep tomorrow’s needs in mind

Modern technological advancements affect virtually every area of daily life, and today’s educational institutions are looking to new digital tools to help improve student achievement and engagement while fostering collaborative learning environments for both in-person and remote learners.

To maximize a system’s effectiveness and ensure investments pay dividends for students and instructors, decision makers and school technology managers must maintain a strong understanding of all the available solutions, devices, and platforms that can meet their needs. While differences in location, age range, and budget naturally affect technology decisions and opportunities, there are several key factors central to any successful implementation.

Keep It Simple, Schools…Read More