Solution to Support Remote Learning in Schools

ClassTag today announced the launch of Schoolwide, a solution for parent communication and expanded remote learning capabilities amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. The company has accelerated the launch in order to help teachers and school administrations better prepare for unexpected school closures as well as help streamline parent-teacher communication.

With its leading technology already used by 25,000 schools and two million parents, the ClassTag platform is adding the Schoolwide suite to its award-winning communication solution to support urgent school needs in a time when communication is critical.

“As the number of school closures grows each day, our number one priority as a company is to make sure that schools and parents are prepared, as best they can be, for schools to be shut down for prolonged periods of time,” shared Vlada Lotkina, co-founder and CEO of ClassTag. “It’s an uncertain time and we need to go above and beyond to support effective communication for our schools and provide a platform for remote learning.”…Read More

Listen up, schools! Technology helps with parent participation

A new survey reveals that though most parents want to participate in their child’s school or district, not enough technology options exist to help them communicate with educators and school leaders. Plus, many schools say it’s time for the bake sale to go—parents need to provide some much-needed educational technology help.

The survey, “Parent Volunteers in the Classroom,” conducted by WeAreTeachers and VolunteerSpot, queried more than 1,000 parents and educators. The results indicate that there is strong support for parent volunteers in the classroom, but there are also “critical gaps” between teacher needs and how parents currently pitch in.

The survey highlights how schools can give parents technology tools to boost parent participation, involve more working parents, and increase parent engagement in support of student success.…Read More

Cash-strapped public schools nickel-and-dime parents

Whatever problems may now dog our public education system, at least every child can get a free education, right? Well, not exactly, reports the Lookout. Crafty K-12 administrators who are battling budget cuts have found creative ways to bring in extra revenue through fees for anything from enrolling in honor courses to mandatory “registration” or “instruction” fees, the Wall Street Journal‘s Stephanie Simon writes…

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