12 ed-tech tools to try this term

The school year is in full swing, so it’s time to kick things into high gear and push learning to a whole new level. Online technology tools can be an incredible asset in the classroom, enhancing the learning experience for students and making the teaching experience more pleasant and less stressful. Check out these ed-tech tools that you should definitely consider bringing into the classroom this term.

Sight Words
Sight words are those words that a child should memorize in order to help them learn how to read and write. And, the most effective way to learn those words is through repetition using flashcards and word-focused games. Sight Words helps you to supplement phonics learning through a series of lessons, flashcards and games.

Just because you’re doing a quiz, doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it. And, on Quizalize, every quiz you find has been created to be both educational and fun. Teams of students can join forces in competition, while a live dashboard allows teachers to see each student’s strengths and who needs the most help from you.…Read More

6 tech tools that boost teacher-parent communication

Most educators agree: Effective communication with parents is important (if not crucial) to helping students learn, according to Graphite. But if you talk to any teacher, they’ll admit that it can be challenging. Teachers may hesitate because they’re swamped with grading papers and lesson planning, or because many of their communications have gone unanswered. Parents may be reluctant because of a language barrier or because they’re working multiple jobs. When I was teaching, though, I did find some simple tech tools like the ones below that helped improve communication. From keeping a blog to sending short updates, they’ll help you strengthen school-family partnerships…

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