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New Jersey father secretly records teachers insulting his autistic son

A New Jersey father has launched a campaign against “teacher bullies” after he sent his autistic son to school wearing a wire, which he said caught teachers insulting the boy, joking about being hung over, and gossiping about their personal lives in front of the class, reports the New York Daily News. Stuart Chaifetz’s crusade to get his son’s former teachers to publically apologize has gained national attention since he posted some of the recordings to YouTube on April 20 and launched a website, “No More Teacher/Bullies.” Chaifetz, 44, said he was baffled earlier this year when teachers at Horace Mann Elementary in Cherry Hill told him that his 10-year-old son Akian was lashing out and throwing chairs. Chaifetz said Akian had anxiety due to his autism, but was sweet-natured and never acted violent. After meetings with school officials and behavior specialists went nowhere, the divorced dad decided to send Akian to school with a recorder hidden in his pocket. Chaifetz replayed parts of the recordings in a 17-minute YouTube video. In the video, Chaifetz said two teachers tell his son to “shut your mouth,” call him a “bastard,” and tell him he won’t see his father again after a weekend visit with his mom. In another clip, a teacher is heard gabbing loudly about getting drunk with a girlfriend the night before…

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