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Ten of the best Android apps for education

Some applications can be used on both Apple and Android products, while others are item specific.

After we published a report on “10 of the best apps for education” for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, many readers wondered when we would produce a similar list for those with Google Android-based mobile devices. So, here are 10 of our favorite Android apps for education. Did your favorite applications make the list? If not, share them in the comments section of this story.

Name: Chemical Equation Balancer Pro
Cost: $1.00
Features: Enter the reactants and products and then press balance, and this app instantly delivers results.
Best For: Science teachers looking to demonstrate problem examples to their students.

Name: CoursePro
Cost: $2.99
Features: Using a to-do style list, CoursePro allows users to define assignment types and keep track of weighted grades.
Best For: Students looking for a way to organize their homework assignments, school projects, and grades.

Flash Card Maker Pro
Cost: $2.95
Features: With text-to-speech capability and advanced gesturing functions, Flash Card Maker Pro uses multi-sensory learning techniques to help improve memory. Shake to hide memorized cards, look at multiple decks at one time, or time how long it takes you to complete a deck.
Best For: Students or educators exploring new ways to retain information. Teachers can use this program and create flash cards to help their students prepare for large exams, or put lesson planning notes on them.

Name: Google Sky Map
Cost: Free
Features: With the ability to turn your Android device into a “window to the night sky,” Sky Map shows the stars, planets, and other celestial objects in view when you point your device towards the sky.
Best For: Teachers trying to use more compelling visuals during their astronomy units.

Name: Gutenberg eReader
Cost: $2.99
Features: This app gives the user access to the entire Project Gutenberg eBook library, allowing users to search by author, subject, and titles to find the book they need quickly.
Best For: Teachers looking for an easy way to share passages with their classroom, or students who want to research a topic without purchasing a book.

Name: Grade Book for Professors PRO
Cost: $4.99
Features: Use the primary grade book on Google spreadsheets and sync it to all of your devices. Easily eMail grades to students and PIN-protect grades against accidental loss.
Best For: Teachers who want a new way to streamline the grading process and a way to consistently backup their grades.

Name: Student Clicker
Cost: Free
Features: Teachers can run the app from their laptops while students enter their responses to quiz questions on mobile devices.
Best For: Educators looking to quickly gauge the level of understanding in their classroom.

Name: Tick!
Cost: Free
Features: A timer with an easy interface.
Best For: Educators looking for a way to count down the time left in a task for students to complete.

Name: Trippo Mondo
Cost: Free
Features: A language translator, Trippo Mondo translates any phrase and speaks it out loud in the language chosen.
Best For: Foreign language instructors looking to increase students’ knowledge of common phrases. Encourage students to translate different common phrases they hear during the day to increase knowledge of colloquial terms.

Name: Where’s My Droid?
Cost: Free
Features: After hooking up your eMail account, this app allows you to locate any lost Android devices within a 30-foot area, complete with a Google Maps display of the location.
Best For: Teachers who want to be able to monitor the location of their electronic devices.

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