Speech therapy moves online

Though Connections Academy is still looking at its pricing model, payment will be on a contract basis, depending on the services provided.

Presence TeleCare also offers online speech therapy for children. Typically, the only hardware needed for each Presence TeleCare station are webcams and headsets, at a cost of $90 to $120 per station. The company recommends certain equipment, but schools are free to purchase other models.

Other than equipment, the platform requires a broadband connection and internet browser.

Presence TeleCare recruits speech and language pathologists (SLPs), trains them to work online, and provides ongoing support. The total cost of the program is based on the amount of time a school uses the program.

The program integrates with a child’s classroom curriculum and is designed to promote active collaboration between Presence TeleCare’s SLP and the child’s classroom teacher.

Presence TeleCare SLPs also engage students in typical activities to produce certain sounds, such as blowing through a straw. If the child is not able to accomplish the task, a classroom paraprofessional (required by Presence TeleCare to be present for a child’s sessions) steps in to help if needed.

The web platform offers multipoint access so that groups of children can learn together.

SLPs input data during a speech therapy session with a child, and the data are stored automatically in a child’s file and available to school administrators, parents, and teachers.

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