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7 online tools to improve students’ writing

Complete your writing assignments on time and impress your teachers with these helpful tools

writing-toolsSome students struggle to complete their writing assignments in school. Sometimes they experience a mental block or struggle to find inspiration.

Academic writing is indeed a difficult activity in school and not everyone is blessed with exceptional writing ability.

But no matter how stumped you are, you have to do your best to complete your academic requirement in order to pass the subject.

If you take your academic writing seriously, you have to establish an effective writing process. To assist in your writing dilemma, here are some of the best online tools at your disposal.

Drop Box

Cloud storage is popular because it offers availability, security, and convenience to its users. Drop Box is one of the best cloud storage applications in the market. A centralized storage system like Drop Box is very important not only to writers but to students as well. With Drop Box, students can easily access their files anywhere.

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Google Docs

Many people take Google Docs for granted. It is an extension of their Gmail account so they think it is another word processor just like Microsoft Word. With this tool, students do not have to go out of their emails to write. They can easily share their notes to their teachers or classmates with this app. It is also effective for writing collaboration. Just like other word processors, it provides word count, spell check, formatting, and other features that can improve the writing process.

ProWriting Aid

This is an online editing tool that helps student writers improve their articles. The tool helps edit the grammar, spelling, readability, and consistency of their article. It also checks redundancies, clichés, and abstract words in the content. The tool is highly accurate so it helps a lot in improving the quality of student’s work.

Title Capitalization

This is a simple online tool that makes writing your essay or research paper title easier. Just type in your preferred title, and it automatically changes the capitalization according to standard writing format. This is a very simple tool, but sometimes the simplest tools can make all the difference.

Best Essays is an academic writing service provider that offers quality essays, research papers, and theses for students. Students can receive inspiration from this popular site because they have brilliant writers and editors who are willing to help when it comes to academic paper writing.

The pomodoro technique is a popular productivity method. If you are keen to improve your writing process, you can easily adapt this method by using It is a simple web-based tool were you can click the timer to follow the pomodoro technique. The timer will encourage student writers to be productive and organized when writing their papers.

Cliché Finder

It is difficult to find clichés in your own work, especially when you use it as a personal writing style. But clichés are not highly accepted in writing. To fix your output, let Cliché Finder help you edit these words and improve your work.

Writing is truly a challenging task, but with these tools, you can successfully complete all your writing assignments and impress your teachers with your writing prowess.

Do you know other tools that can help students improve their academic paper work? Share it below!

Amber Stanley is a blogger and copywriter. She completed her degree in Communication Studies at University of Texas. She shares her perspectives on education, lifestyle, creative writing, travel, and careers.


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